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Cinemart Cinema

HAVE YOUR EVENT @ Cinemart Cinemas

Rent out the entire theater for the ultimate VIP experience and enjoy our spacious



Private Screenings are available 7 days a week, 10:00am sharp (doors open 9:30am) at a minimum charge of $300.


 Monday to Friday Private Screenings ($300 minimum charge)

1. $8 per person - movie only

2. $9 per person - popcorn and soda included


Saturday, Sunday & Holidays Private Screenings ($300 minimum charge) 

3. $9 per person - movie only

4. $10 per person - popcorn and soda included


Additionally, for Birthdays - we provide the marquee announcement ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAME’


Please note that we can no longer provide extra accommodations for parties as you may have experienced in the past, such as theater decorations, setting tables, offering outside food, cake, cupcakes, bagels, coffee or allowing any extra time after the movie ends. If you wish to discuss such arrangements that we cannot provide in-theater for your event, our theater cafe may be able to accommodate. If you are interested please email 


Please email with the below information as a request for a private screening and we will contact you with a confirmation shortly.



Phone Number

Date of Event (or a variety of available dates)

Number of Guests

Type of Deal: 1, 2, 3, 4

Name on Marquee (if applicable)