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Gift Cards

Gift Cards


Gift an experience, fast and easy!

Cinemart Cinemas eGIFT CARDS are the perfect gift for any occasion! We’ve digitized the entire process and made it very fast and easy for you to gift this cinematic experience!


All you have to do is purchase your eGIFT CARD online, in any amount you wish between $5 - $100, and the eGIFT CARD will automatically be sent to the recipient’s email inbox and a payment confirmation will be sent directly to the purchaser’s email inbox.


Click here to check your eGIFT CARD BALANCE!

Terms of Gift card

- You may not return or cancel your eGIFT CARD after purchase.

- The eGIFT CARD can be used online or at the theater (tickets and concessions).

- The card contains a unique number, a Barcode and a QR code. In order to be redeemed in-theater, it can either be presented on a digital device or in print.

- You can log into your member account in order to view the current balance of your eGIFT CARD.

- eGIFT CARD may be paid for with any valid Debit or Credit Card. (AMEX not accepted)

- We are not responsible for eGift Cards that are undeliverable or not received due to your failure to enter an accurate email address for the recipient. Please always double check the email address you enter.

- If your gift card was lost or stolen we will only be able to replace it with a proof of purchase (email receipt to purchaser).



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