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Admission, Ticketing, Refund/Exchange Policy


Admission Prices:

Adults .................................$11.00 Mon to Fri all shows starting 5:00pm or later. Saturday, Sunday and holidays all shows starting 12 noon or later - $8.00 *SEE MATINEE POLICY.

Matinees ..............................$8.00 ALL TICKETS Mon to Fri shows starting before 5:00pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays all shows starting before 12:00 noon.

Senior Citizens ..................$8.00 at ALL times. (Age 60 and over with ID)

Children................................$8.00 at ALL times (Ages 3-11) - Children under 3 are FREE ( a butt in a seat = a ticket)

Federally Disabled...........$8.00 at ALL times (available ONLY at box office with valid ID)

Military tickets...................$8.00 at ALL times (available ONLY at box office with valid ID)

ENJOY Tuesdays ...............$8.00 ALL tickets, ALL movies, ALL shows.


RealD 3D .............................$2.00 additional per ticket at ALL TIMES.


Box office opens 20 minutes prior to the first show and we accept either cash or MasterCard/Visa.

Play Duration / End Dates

Films are usually booked to play from Fridays to Thursdays. Every Tuesday morning, we decide if a film will be extended for another week or not and update our website accordingly.

End dates are only displayed on the last 7 days of a film's run, they are also accompanied by a graphic that shows how many days are left.

As we update our website every Tuesday morning, any movie that doesn't display an end date on a Tuesday (after midday), Wednesday or Thursday is guaranteed to play until the following Thursday.

Be sure to check back after midday on Tuesday to see which films have been extended or not.

Advance tickets:

To insure seating at your preferred showing, advance tickets are recommended for opening weekends and during holiday periods. Tickets can be purchased at the box office during operating hours for all upcoming showings or purchased on the internet (see below). Please note: After the start of a performance, late arriving ticket holders will only be admitted to the auditorium at the discretion of management.


Internet Ticketing:

How to buy tickets online

  1. Click on our ''buy tickets'' button from anywhere on the site and you will be taken to our online ticketing system.
  2. Select the day you want and the show time you wish to see.
  3. Here you must select how many tickets you want, input your credit card number (without any spaces) and billing address details, then click the ''Buy Tickets'' button.
  4. When you finish purchasing online tickets , your order will pop up with all details and an email will be sent to you with your order.

You can either-

       a) print the pop up order and bring it to the box office to redeem the tickets.

       b) print the email you receive after the order was completed  making sure your barcode is showing.

       c) If you are not able to print the confirmation email,  then bring the credit card you used to purchase the tickets online instead,  in order to redeem the tickets.


About purchasing tickets online

  • The Ticketing Service we use utilizes standard Secure 128 Bit encryption, so it’s very secure.
  • A $1 per ticket fee is charged on all internet transactions.
  • Box office and Internet ticket sales become available simultaneously, at least  3-4 days or as early as 30 days, before the listed showtimes.Check our home page, down to

    Advance tickets / Pre-Sales / Coming soon  , and click on BUY TICKETS under desired movie


  • Military tickets are not available online for validation reasons, they can only be purchased at the box office if you produce a valid military ID.


Internet Ticketing FAQ’s

  1. I got to the sales confirmation screen, hit the button, and my screen went blank… nothing happened. Did my sale go through?
    • As a general rule: If the “Ticket Purchase Confirm” page (the page with the bar codes) does not come up on the screen, the sale did not go through. Another way to check to see if a transaction went through is to check the email address you entered to see if you got ticket purchase confirmation e-mail. If neither of these events happened, then your sale did not go through. We suggest trying your purchase again.
  2. I got to the ticket purchase confirmation screen, (the page with the bar-codes) but I did not get confirmation e-mail. Did my sale go through?
    • Yes, if the confirmation page came up (with the bar-codes) your sale was completed. If you didn’t get the confirmation e-mail, you may have inadvertently made a typo when entering your email address, or your e-mail program may have filtered the confirmation e-mail into a “junk”, “bulk”, or “trash” folder. It all depends on the settings of your e-mail program.
  3. I purchased tickets On-line, but I am unable to go. Will my credit card be charged even if I don’t pick up my tickets?
    • Yes. Your credit card is charged at the time that you make the purchase, not when you pick the tickets up.
  4. I purchased tickets On-Line and I made a mistake/can’t come to the movie. What should I do?
    • You must call the box office at least one hour before the start time of the movie purchased to discuss the options.
  5. I’ve tried everything here but I still need some help. Whom do I contact?

* Military tickets NOT available online.

Arrival Times:

As a guide to arrival time, ticket holders are ordinarily admitted to their auditorium 20 minutes prior to their showtime.
Please note: to insure undisturbed viewing, admission to the auditoriums, for ticket holders and ticket buyers, after the start of a performance is strictly at the discretion of management.


Refund / Exchange  Policy:


  • Refunds at the box office (in-person) will only be issued up to 30 minutes before the start of the movie showtime.
  • For online ticket refunds not at the box office (not in-person), guests must email us at up to 2 hours before the scheduled movie showtime to request a refund.
  • Online Convenience Fee ($1) is non-refundable.
  • No refunds can be issued after printed showtime.

Please note: Before purchasing your tickets we urge you to confirm the title, date, time, and seat of the movie you wish to see. At the time of your order, Cinemart Cinemas will remove the number of tickets you purchase from the theatre’s inventory, reducing the number of seats available for the chosen showtime. While this allows us to provide our customers with the clear benefit of guaranteed reserved seats, it prevents Cinemart Cinemas from reselling tickets in the event that you do not attend your chosen showtime.


Further Questions:

If you have any further questions, please call the box office on (718) 261 2043 during operating hours or click here to Email us.